Current Research

I am currently working on a book project, tentatively titled, Reading Nation in Translation. Based on my doctoral research, this book illuminates how translation plays a vital role in shaping the national racial imaginary of Malaysia. Through analyses of graphic narratives, novels and films, the book demonstrates how various modes of translation—whether across languages, cultures or media—are used in these texts to articulate a common national identity that unifies the various ethno-linguistic groups that make up Malaysia, while maintaining their racialized distinctions. The book further showcases how racialized forms of knowledge and embodiment are shaped by flows of literary, cultural exchange both within the country and with its neighbors, Singapore and Indonesia, during key historical moments of anti-colonial resistance, colonial counter-insurgency, postcolonial counter-revolutions in the region. In showing the above, the book develops translation as an epistemological instrument for understanding the process of nation formation, one that is critical of nationalistic frames of analysis as well as attuned to the transnational historical forces that shape the national racial imagination..